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Heater Heaters

Waking up to no hot water and having a cold shower is not an ideal way to start your day. If you have noticed a shortage of hot water in your household, then contact C&M Appliance Repair, Inc. and let our technicians take a look at your water heater.


Whether it is water heater repairs, new installations, or piping replacement, you can be sure to receive quality service at a low price. Call today to learn more about our service contracts (up to 7 appliances) and let our team provide you with a FREE estimate.

Quality Water Heater Repairs

Faulty water heater warning signs

  • Odd noises

  • Weird smell

  • Sound of water running

  • Condensation or rust on the unit

  • Soft flooring underneath

  • Lack of hot water or low water pressure

  • Rock noises within the unit

Let our skilled technicians keep your water running hot

We honor all

manufacturer warranties.